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Will Writing Services

As someone who cares deeply about the welfare of your family and friends, you will want to make sure that your money and possessions ("estate") are distributed as you would wish, when you die. Although no-one likes to consider it, the reality is that we will all, one day, pass away, leaving loved ones behind to deal with our estates. This can be a costly and time consuming process if there is no Will to govern the administration of your estate.

Making a Will

You may think that you do not need to make a Will but considering the following questions should help you to understand why ensuring you have an up-to-date legal Will is so important:

• Do you expect your spouse to inherit all your property?
• Do you want to make special provisions for children, grandchildren or friends?
• If you have young children, wouldn't you feel safer having appointed a legal guardian in case something should happen to you and your spouse?
• Would you like advice about Inheritance Tax so that your family benefits and not the tax man?
• Would you want to appoint someone you know to be in charge of winding up your affairs?

If you answer is "yes" to any of the above you need a current and legal Will. You may think that a homemade will would be simpler and cheaper but the provisions for ensuring your will is properly drafted and signed are onerous, and there is considerable risk that a will drafted at home would be invalid. This will result in further costs and difficulties for your loved ones in dealing with your affairs.

If you die leaving no Will then an intestacy will be created and your estate will be divided according to the Laws of Intestacy, regardless of your wishes.

Administering an estate is always complicated and administering intestate inheritance can add further stress to what is already a difficult time, often with those benefitting being someone other than who you would have wished.

Changes in your circumstances can often invalidate or affect parts or all of your Will. Examples include getting married or remarried or entering into a civil partnership; divorcing or separating from your partner; having additional children; inheriting or winning money, to name a few.

You cannot underestimate how important an up-to-date and legal Will is, and how important it is that it is drafted correctly. Solicitors and specialist Will writers are uniquely placed to offer unbiased, confidential advice, and it is often a very simple process to prepare a Will to make the correct provisions for when you die. They can advise you on all aspects of Will drafting and tax planning from the simplest, to the most complicated estate, potentially saving your family considerable amounts in tax savings. It is far better to make provisions now than leave it too late.

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